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Meet the Rabbit

Kara Szczepanski

She/They; Panromantic Asexual; Chaotic by Nature

Spending her childhood in a small Maine local library, Kara always dreamed of adventuring to far off places and making new friends just like in the books. Unfortunately, life got in the way. She won’t let that stop her though. Follow Rusting Rabbit, a failed archaeologist, who is learning how to pick up the pieces of her life, jump back into her passions, and adapt to digital adventuring so she can fulfill her wildest dreams.

My adventures include…

Traveling . Gaming. Connecting. & Healing.

Who In The World Am I?

Adventurer. Storyteller. Performer. Oxymoron.

So let’s get more into my backstory shall we?

Picture this: a little girl growing up in a small Maine town with a bit of a speech impediment. Her name was Kara, but she pronounced it Fuba (Fub-ba). She had a hard time communicating, often becoming frustrated with those around her, and therefore began to find other avenues to get her point across. She spent her time diving into art, writing, music, dance, and last but not least, html coding. Through her passion to try and make connections, she pioneered her own small website detailing her passions, fandom, and her emotional journey as she struggled with the emotional growing pains of being a teenager in the early 2000’s. This collective website eventually became

As her youth came to a close, the little girl had to decide what she wanted to do when she grew up. Her passion to tell stories lead her to study Anthropology and History in Egypt – fulfilling her wanderlust while giving her a greater understanding of how visual language impacts cultures. While this gave her great joy to do, it ultimately did not pay the bills. After graduating she worked with various corporate companies, universities, small businesses, and YouTubers craft media to engage their audiences. She became a great creative storyteller; but ultimately a failed archaeologist.

But here’s the thing…she realized she is far from perfect. The one plague of her life and the real inspiration of came from is a place of mental health and wellness. After a couple of health setbacks, she had to realize she was grounded to one place: Traveling could not take priority. “What to do?” she asked herself. That’s when she started her digital adventures entering into video gaming and table-top role playing communities. Here she started to be able to expand her perspective and push past her own limits, all the while making friends over the globe.

That’s why she decided to rebrand and relaunch She is now here to tell her story and help others connect to a network of other digital adventures. To inspire the time to travel and broaden their horizons through cultural exchange offline. But most importantly, to realize you can overcome anything if you are willing to slow down, expand your boundaries, and ask others for help – no matter where you are.

Funny thing: Anyone can be an archaeologist. If you break, you just have to be willing to pick up the pieces.

waffle day


“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

― Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland